MidSouth Power: Random Electric Helix Controller (REHC)
Introducing a revolutionary solution to costly boiler tube erosion for all Copes-Vulcan two-motor-drive soot blowers. Patent pending.

MidSouth Power: Copes Vulcan Mark II Retrofit Kit & Lance Support System
MidSouth Power has redesigned, rebuilt and retrofit the motor housing and gear boxes for Mark II and Mark III retractable soot blowers for greater safety and improved efficiency, and have engineered a Lance Feed Tube Support System for longer soot blowers.

MidSouth Power's Patent-Pending Valve Seating System
MidSouth Power's patent-pending automated system for reseating a new or refurbished valve produces a consistent, perfect seat every time by grinding a compound angle and lapping the seat to the stem with pinpoint precision.

MidSouth Safe-Crank for Copes Vulcan Mark II and Mark III
This patent-pending innovation exclusively from MidSouth Power effectively reduces the dangers associated with manually extracting the lance on Copes Vulcan Mark II and Copes Vulcan Mark III retractable soot blowers.

MidSouth Power: 220E Start-Up
MidSouth Power demonstrates the safe and proper way to start up a 220E and bring it online.